Monday, April 9, 2012

Schenley Park

For my second assignment that I did on my own, I decided to go to Shenley Park in Oakland. I decided to take one of our day offs of class to take photos in the park. I had it all planned out. The weather was great and I was feeling good. Unfortunately mother nature decides to full me. I got off the shuttle and as soon as I walked out, it started to rain. I was very upset but decided to wait it out. As I was walking to the park from the Point Park Playhouse, the rain started to clear up. I figured I should still give these photos another go.
I entered the park and realized that my photos still have potential to look good, but in a different way that I had in mind. The lighting was darker, which added a cool mood to the photos and most of the flowers had water droplets that haven’t slipped off the leaves yet.
A lot of the flowers were starting to wilt, well before I got there. Add the darker light and the water on the plants, an idea came to mind. I decided to show the flowers in the process of the fighting for life. The lighting showed a more haunting aspect of the photos, mix the water droplets giving them their last chance of hope for life and the already withering away of life in progress with the flowers makes a great way to show a fight for life and what you need to survive. 

Healthy flowers possibly needing water

Having what they need to survive

Dead flowers in the mix of fighters for life

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