Monday, April 23, 2012

Planet Earth Review

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Planet Earth is a film that I have wanted to see for a vary long time. When I found out we were watching it, I knew then and there that I made a good choice in taking this class. I heard a lot about it, knew the purpose not never really fully understood the depth these photographers took to gain these beautiful images.
It was filmed in High Definition to make the viewer feel like they were there. If it was filmed in standard, probably would of just turned the channel to something else. What I loved about it so much was their use of closeups and slow motions to get the heart pounding. An example would be when They were filming at night and the lions were attacking a heard of elephants. Even when the narrators were explaining the situation and breaking up the tension, my heart literally sank and felt so bad for these animals. I feel like thats the purpose of the film, not to have people feel bad for these animals that are being hunted, but make the viewer realize what actually goes on in the world, from first hand experience. 
Another animal encounter that really caught my attention, was the polar bears. Living in the only shelter in the area, the bears would naturally be curious to see what is in there. My favorite image of the whole film is the polar bear that pressed his nose up against the glass of the building. What amazes me is how the photographer just stood there knowing that the bear could break the glass at any moment and die. It also gave a great perspective that you wouldn’t normal see of a bear. In a way, the closeup of his face made him seem more cuddly than ferocious.
For the photographers, they spent around five years of their lives filming these beautiful creature. They showed great determination and patients thought the whole filming process. It showed especially when they were in the hot air balloon and ran into the big tree in Africa twice. Thats a true journalist and motivator. It honestly was in a way a great metaphor for life. You might have things happen that get you down, but in the end, you will be happy that you did it.

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