Monday, April 23, 2012

Manufactured Landscapes Review

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When I first heard of the “Manufactured Landscapes” movie, I had a very different vision in mind. I didn’t really understand the word, manufactured and thought that it would be about how nature grows and why it grows. I was very wrong.
When I read more into the movie and when it aired in class it really took my breath away that you would even consider this nature. Slag dumps and factories are not your first impression on nature. I did enjoy it because it made you take a new perspective on what nature really could be and how it can develop into something completely different from what you imagined it would be.
The passion that was used when making this was wonderful. Yes, the director took the angle that this can be a beautiful thing if you let it, but he also took the angle of how people despised it and refused to move even though the slag dumps were basically taking over their homes. I love how he talked to them to see how they felt about it. Most of the older generations living in the area felt that they wanted the old world back to the way that it was before. Which is with out all of this manufacturing landscaping going on. I connect this with todays society because the older generations are constantly wishing for their old world back. A world without technology and media. They essentially want the simple life back.
While watching the Bangladesh manufacturing part of the film, there was only one place that I thought of that reminded me of that place, which was the Carrie Furnace that we visited last year for digital photography. Everywhere they went, i thought of that place. It was nice to connect art, with another form of art that you have never seen before. Carrie Furnace was shut down, so it was nice to see what it could of possibly resembled when it was still functioning.
I loved the exhibit of the photos through out the film, it connected the artwork with what was actually going on in that area. It drew people in an gave a new perspective on what manufactured landscapes are used for and how to view nature differently.

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