Monday, April 23, 2012

The Abandoned Turnpike

The Abandoned Turnpike was our last nature photography trip as a class. I think going to the Abandoned Turnpike was a perfect way to end the semester. Our first assignment was to explore Point State Park to look to see how man made nature has taken over actual nature. With the final assignment being at the Abandoned Turnpike, we were able to see how nature has taken its self back from the man made nature in the past.
All together, we walked approximately six miles that day. My favorite part was walking to tunnel. I really got a sense of the idea of what people had in mind for this turnpike. I tried to envision what the road would look like if it was completed. Would the road still have left all of the surrounding mountains around the road? Approaching the tunnel, we have a great view of the mountains with the tunnel in the middle. Would that still exist if the turnpike was finished? All of these questions and more are some examples that will most likely be asked for my final project.
Through out the tunnel and mostly the end, there was graffiti all over the walls. When I think of abandoned buildings, that is how a pictured them. Graffiti and garbage everywhere. For me, I don’t find graffiti that appealing. Keep in mind, I don’t know that much about graffiti art and don’t really understand it, but for some reason, I found the graffiti at the end of the tunnel absolutely beautiful with its colors and use of art and how it was displayed on the walls. Minus all of the profanity and some vulgar photos, that I realized that it is someones idea of art and we must take it for what it is.
This being our last trip, I can honestly that this was one of my favorite classes. I have read about most of these places, but never thought I would go to some of them. I personally love to hike and explore different areas around me. So having this opportunity to go to these places and get out of the city of Pittsburgh made me realize how lucky I am to have this opportunity to explore what Pennsylvania has to offer. I would push everyone at Point Park University to take this Nature Photography Course. You never know what you can learn about yourself in nature!

Would these types of plants still be here if the road was completed?

The so called "turnpike"with a tunnel at the end

Would we still have this view of nature coming through this man made structure if completed?

The remains of other peoples idea of art.

Would you consider this art work?

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