Sunday, February 5, 2012

Frankfort Mineral Springs

I really enjoyed our trip to Frankfort Mineral Springs. It wasn’t that far away and it was very relaxing and had a good time. The time of day was really good. It gave off great light and i think it made my pictures come out more. When we first got there, I wasn’t sure what type of angle i was going to take with these photos so I just started taking some random photos to figure out what I wanted to do. I then realized it would be a good idea to concentrate on the water and get cool and creative shots of water flowing. I started out with that, then took many closeups of the fallen down trees and moss that was growing on the trees. I then realized that those trees have probably been there for a while due to all of the moss growing on them. As I continued on down one of the paths, I ran into the waterfall that was one of the main attractions for everyone. I didn’t even know where to begin with it, but I was so excited about it. I started off with getting behind the waterfall and getting close ups of  the drops of water hitting the puddles from the top of the cave. I continued with getting every angel humanly possible with the waterfall, trying to be as creative as possible. After the day was ending, I realized that i had a good collection of close ups and water flowing in the creeks. I was very happy with my results on this trip.

with both the dead and alive trees, they had different funguses growing on them. With this picture, the mushrooms look like they were placed on the tree for photo purposes.

I tried to concentrate on the lines on the rocks, but realized the green moss really adds to the photo.

This was a very small stream in the creek, but with the water flowing in the middle, it makes the stream look much wider.

I had many photos of the creek from the front of the streams, but with this one the concentration is in the back to see what the creek looks like from the other side.

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