Monday, February 20, 2012

Trough Creek

I was very excited to hear that we are going to Trough Creek because i have never been there before and I heard that there was so much to see there. After our three hour long ride, we arrived at the park and saw that there was so much snow on the ground. I didn’t know how it would effect my photos, but I went with it. I started going down one trail, not knowing a plan on how I wanted to take my photos. After crossing a bridge, I came to the conclusion that I was not wearing the proper shoes and my feet were absolutely freezing and honestly didn’t know if I was going to make it through the day with the shoes that I was wearing. 
After complaining to myself for a while I sucked it up and did what I came here to do. I fell in love with the waterfalls when I was on the bridge. There is something about snow and water that I really enjoy. It’s probably because I associate water and streams with spring, or summer days and don’t normally see these natural beauties with such cold conditions. 
As I travelled farther up the path, I spotted hanging icicles that for some reason, I fell in love with. I got a close up of them and saw that there were leaves frozen with in them, and droplets of water that didn’t fall because they were frozen to the icicle it’s self. I eventually reached the top of the mountain. and saw many rhododendrons with snow piled on top of them. I always thought that rhododendrons died in the winter, but come to realize that they stay alive year round. Apparently it just depends on the type of the flower. 
All in all, it was a successful trip. My feet eventually warmed up and I took a lot of great shots. When going on this trip, i am narrowing down ideas to work with for my portfolio. Further classes will make this idea well known. I guess we will see what happens!

The small waterfalls when exiting off the bridge

Icicles with small droplets that never fell

Rhododendrons that apparently live year round

Associating snow with creeks and rivers is something i have never really considered before

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