Monday, February 27, 2012

Final Project Theme!

For my final project and Portfolio, I am concentrating on close ups and details of nature. People interoperate nature an many different ways. I personally enjoy getting a few of close ups of nature, seeing how it works and functions according to the details, rather than observing nature from far away. With this idea in mind, I have noticed that nature has a strong mystery to it and how it works. Some images are obvious on how it works, others are must harder to read and figure out. The images below are the ones I selected to support this idea of nature and how it works. Enjoy!

Trough Creek: Leaves frozen over time.

Presque Isle: how did the stones get there? What are their purpose?

McConnell's Mill: Erosion 

Mineral Springs: dead trees and composition

McConnell's Mill: large amounts of water can do serious damage

McConnell's Mill: How did this get here?

Mineral Springs: what is the purpose of the lines in the rock?

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